SD CINEMATOGRAFICA was formed in 1961 as a production company. Since its founding, the company has produced Films, Variety Programmes, and Science and Cultural documentaries for the Italian public broadcaster RAI and other leading international television companies. In recent years the company has focused on wildlife, Science and History documentaries with such success that it now counts National Geographic Channels, Discovery Channels, TF1, ARTE, NHK, TSR, ARD/BR, PBS and ZDF, as well as RAI and Mediaset, among its clients. Many SD documentaries have won major international prizes at the world’s leading festivals, including Academy Award, Emmy and Banff nominations. Today SD Cinematografica has over 800 hours of programming to its name. [abs]


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Axis 3 Action 3.3.2
THE GOLD OF VENICE (The wood of San Marco)
There is a story that few know, that of the relationship between the Republic of Venice and its land possessions. It is above all the need to stock up on timber that pushed the Serenissima to expand inland in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. And it is the great challenge with the Ottoman Empire for supremacy over the Mediterranean that feeds this need. In the Venetian, Friulian and Istrian woods, Venice could in fact find the best wood, the essential raw material to build the warships it needed in view of a decisive battle with the Turks, which took place in 1571 in the famous Battle of Lepanto. To preserve its precious woods, Venice implements a series of good land management practices, also giving way to a profound change of mentality. Safeguarding the territory becomes a real watchword, with an approach that seems to approach our current environmental sensitivity. "The gold of Venice" is the story of this adventure and how those practices and that mentality have reached today.
Year: 2022; Genre: Documentary; Duration: 52 '; Directed by: Nicola Pittarello
SD Cinematografica was supported in the project by the Veneto Region with a contribution of 44,250 Euros (CUP H57F20000070009) under the POR FESR 2014-2020 Axis 3 Action 3.3.2