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Luigi Cammarota

SD Cinematografica

43 Min.


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Albania, district of Scutari. Mimoza is probably the last woman in Europe who takes care of the complete cycle of silk, from breeding of worms to spinning and weaving, with which she makes traditional dresses to the loom. She weaves fine linens for wedding accessories, tablecloths, shirts, skirts, scarves and foulards, following the method practiced for centuries in the Western Balkans, inherited from her mother. Once in his village, every family owned mulberry trees and raised silkworms. Then, due to a parasite but above all to China's competition, this tradition has slowly disappeared. As indeed happened also in Italy, at the beginning of the twentieth century.
Mimoza wants to resume that tradition by involving the other women of the village. A spring wanders in search of abandoned mulberries, collects the leaves to feed the bugs. She is helped by her husband Lejla, a retired entomologist from Tirana, the best Albanian expert in bees and silkworms, who takes care of the larvae for passion and nostalgia and keeps them alive during the winter ... in the refrigerator at home. Then, between April and May it provides incubation of the eggs and follows the birth of the bugs, which entrusts Mimosa for the growth phase up to the formation of cocoons.

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