SD CINEMATOGRAFICA was formed in 1961 as a production company. Since its founding, the company has produced Films, Variety Programmes, and Science and Cultural documentaries for the Italian public broadcaster RAI and other leading international television companies. In recent years the company has focused on wildlife, Science and History documentaries with such success that it now counts National Geographic Channels, Discovery Channels, TF1, ARTE, NHK, TSR, ARD/BR, PBS and ZDF, as well as RAI and Mediaset, among its clients. Many SD documentaries have won major international prizes at the world’s leading festivals, including Academy Award, Emmy and Banff nominations. Today SD Cinematografica has over 800 hours of programming to its name. [abs]


The challenge of Venice

The future of Venice lies faraway from the city, where the lagoon meets the sea and where, every day, 200 million cubic metres of water flow through the inlets. Therefore, a decision was made to protect Venice with a massive system of Mobile Barriers: MO.S.E. (Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico).

On the trails of the glaciers: Mission to Karakorum

The goal of the mission is to highlight the changes in the glaciers and the environment that have taken place over the last century in this delicate system, by comparing Vittorio Sella’s historic images with new images, as well as field data and laboratory analysis. Glaciers are reliable indicators of changes that our planet is experiencing in its climate and environment.

Sailing ancient waters

The story we are about to recount takes place against a background of some of the most beautiful scenery in the northeast of Italy: the rivers and lagoons of the Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. We will travel only along the inland waterways connecting Venice to Trieste and the Istrian coast, which were at their glorious height in the days of La Serenissima.

The ghosts of the Third Reich

"Ghosts of the Third Reich" is a documentary that reveals the poignant and anguished stories of the Second and Third generation of the Nazis, who against all odds confront their family’s past.


This documentary series allows us to discover the many unexpected wonders of the animal world and find out that we are not always the best, allowing us to examine our consciences and to regard our fellow inhabitants of planet Earth with wonder and respect.

On the trails of the glaciers: mission to Caucasus

A photographer's passion and the dedication of his team of scientists help us understand the fate of our planet.

Hemingway unknown: the Italian years

Hemingway in Italy: from World War I to the advent of fascism, from the Second World War to the years of the Italian economic miracle, at the discovery of his friendships with both men and women, his love for food and wine, for the landscape, his lovers, the pleasures and tragedies of life, especially in the Veneto, all elements that were fundamental for the writer.

Mussolini 25 July 1943, the fall

The fall of the Fascist regime and Benito Mussolini on 25 July 1943, in the middle of the Second World War, is one of the most important events in Italy's history.

2nd December 1943: Hell on Bari

Why was the aerial bombardment of the port of Bari one of the biggest secrets of World War II?

On the trails of the glaciers: Mission to Alaska

Photographer Fabiano Ventura and his team of experts continue their mission to study the effects of climate change on the world’s largest glaciers.


War as you've never seen it before

Through the unknown

This is the story of a unique adventure. Against a spectacular backdrop of mountain scenery, extreme challenges and bitter defeats.

African nostalgia

Africa seen and described through the eyes of a wildlife photographer who has always been fascinated by the unique atmosphere of this extraordinary continent.

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SD CINEMATOGRAFICA was formed in 1961 as a production company. Since its founding, the company has produced...

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