Set 3
"Free Mussolini!" will premiere on RAI on 3rd September 2010

The last documentary produced by SD Cinematografica and Directed by Fabio Toncelli "Free Mussolini" will be aired in prime time the 3rd of September on RAITRE inside the main historical slot "La Grande Storia". The documentary shot in HD will be internationally distributed by ITV. For the first time, unpublished documents and photos reveal the secret of the most daring exploit of all time carried out by special forces: Operation Oak, the liberation of the Duce, Benito Mussolini.The version of the blitz told by its hero, the SS Captain Otto Skorzeny, has continued to fascinate the general public in books and documentaries up to the present day. But it has one defect: it is completely false. Why do some people still defend it? What is behind it? And most of all: who really freed the Duce? Testimonies, memories, filmed material, unpublished photographs, and documents carefully hidden in the Italian archives demolish piece by piece the official nazi version and make it possible for the first time to recount the incredible chain of events that had a strong effect on public opinion throughout the world during World War II and still conceals many obscure aspects.

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