SD CINEMATOGRAFICA was formed in 1961 as a production company. Since its founding, the company has produced Films, Variety Programmes, and Science and Cultural documentaries for the Italian public broadcaster RAI and other leading international television companies. In recent years the company has focused on wildlife, Science and History documentaries with such success that it now counts National Geographic Channels, Discovery Channels, TF1, ARTE, NHK, TSR, ARD/BR, PBS and ZDF, as well as RAI and Mediaset, among its clients. Many SD documentaries have won major international prizes at the world’s leading festivals, including Academy Award, Emmy and Banff nominations. Today SD Cinematografica has over 800 hours of programming to its name. [abs]







Werner Köhne

Prounen Film in coproduction with SD Cinematografica

52 min


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Rome. May 13, 1981, 17:00. John Paul II crosses St. Peter's Square in an open Jeep among thousands of cheering people. Suddenly three shots ring out across the square. The Pope collapses.
First the shock, then the confusion. The would-be assassin is chased and arrested.
A few minutes later an ambulance is hurtling towards the Gemelli hospital, sirens wailing. As four surgeons fight to save the pope’s life, the first theories about the attack are already circulating. Who is Mehmet Ali Agca? A mentally ill criminal who acted alone? A terrorist? Or is he the scapegoat for an international conspiracy?
The attack, which was described as the "crime of the century", launched an unprecedented investigation that generated more questions than answers.
After 35 years, this documentary, with exclusive eye-witness accounts and scientific reconstructions, seeks to put the pieces of the attack together to finally clarify an extremely complex affair.