SD CINEMATOGRAFICA was formed in 1961 as a production company. Since its founding, the company has produced Films, Variety Programmes, and Science and Cultural documentaries for the Italian public broadcaster RAI and other leading international television companies. In recent years the company has focused on wildlife, Science and History documentaries with such success that it now counts National Geographic Channels, Discovery Channels, TF1, ARTE, NHK, TSR, ARD/BR, PBS and ZDF, as well as RAI and Mediaset, among its clients. Many SD documentaries have won major international prizes at the world’s leading festivals, including Academy Award, Emmy and Banff nominations. Today SD Cinematografica has over 800 hours of programming to its name. [abs]







Jost Geppert

SD Cinematografica

90' - 2x50' - 3x30'


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The story we are about to recount takes place against a background of some of the most beautiful scenery in the northeast of Italy: the rivers and lagoons of the Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.
We will travel only along the inland waterways connecting Venice to Trieste and the Istrian coast, which were at their glorious height in the days of La Serenissima
Like thousands of sailors of centuries past, we set off from the arsenals of Venice. Unlike most of them, we are not carrying cargo in our holds, but rather the desire to describe a piece of Italy that has increasingly faded from memory in recent decades.