The boiling sea
Director : Eugenio Manghi
Producer : White Fox Communications
Duration : 84' and 54'
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Format : HD
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The Mediterranean, especially the deeper parts, is warming up even faster than the other seas on the Planet. The only other place where such intense, fast warming has been reported is around the North Pole. This 2-3°C rise, with surface temperature reaching as much as 29°C, has already produced remarkable changes to the area’s biodiversity and some species have begun migrating north, while exotic species have arrived to take their place: over 600 new species have entered via Suez and Gibraltar, and have already acclimatized here.
What can cause such a sudden rise in sea temperature? And what are the major consequences?
Many claim that there will be an ever-increasing number of extremely violent stroms, similar to the hurricanes of the tropics.
Completely shot in HD, “The Boiling Sea: In the heat of the Mediterranean” will be mainly located along the coasts and in Mediterranean countries, supplemented by key parallels from the arctic and Antarctic seas. Moreover, our sea is an example of what might happen in the other inland seas around the world and will be of vital importance for many other populations. Calling upon world-renowned scientists and researchers who have been examining the problem for a long time, this documentary will accurately summarize the situation and propose new approaches and solutions to the environmental problems.