Mag 5
"On the trails of the glacier" on air on RTSI (Switzerland)

"On the trails of the glacier", the last documentary produced by SD Cinematografica will be aired at 10,30 p.m., on RTSI (Switzerland) The Climat Change is the subject of the documentary. Glaciers provide a reliable indicator of the global climate and environmental changes that our planet is experiencing. A hundred years after the Duke of the Abruzzi’s mountain climbing and photographic expedition to the Baltor glacier in Karakorum, a team of scientists and photographers is following in his wake with the aim of carrying out an accurate climatological analysis and to compile a visual record of the transformations that have taken place in the glacier and the environment in general of the last century. The goal of the mission is to highlight the changes in the glaciers and the environment that have taken place over the last century in this most sensitive and important system, by comparing Vittorio Sella’s historic images with new images, as well as field data and laboratory analysis. Glaciers are reliable indicators of the climate and environment changes that our planet is experiencing. The documentary has already been sold to RAI (Italy), ZDF/ARTE (Germany & France) and NHK (Japan)

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